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Bentley Michael is back and we couldn't be happier to see him and all of his glory! Bentley is tall, dark, handsome, with a big dick and a hot little bubble butt! After his last time here, he's decided that he isn't straight. He likes both men and women but he loves getting fucked up the ass now!

Cade is this week's straight guy and he is hot as hell! He's tall, ripped, and has a huge, thick, 9 inch dick! Cade spends a lot of time at the gym and he loves jacking off. Today, he's here to fuck a hot girl and make some money! But, unfortunately for him, the only hole that he's going to be shoving that fat cock in, is Bentley's hungry hole!

Caruso breaks the news that the girl can't make it today but he'll pay both guys double the money if they'll have sex with each other. Bentley explained that he was in the same situation before but now he's moved on and expended his horizon. Cade finally agrees and in no time, both guys are kissing and swapping blow jobs!