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Meet our new bait guy Asher! He's hot, hung, horny, and he's looking to bury his 9 inch cock in his buddy's tight ass! Asher and Gio have known each other for a while now and Asher has been doing porn for about 3 years. It wasn't until recently, that Asher told his friend about what he does for a living!

Brad is Asher's friend and they go way back. Both guys actually grew up with each other and even though they've been naked together, they've never fooled around or experimented with one another. Brad is one sexy guy with a killer body and a beautiful, round ass!

Brad knows the plan today and he's been curious about having sex with a guy for a while. It started with his girlfriend playing with his ass and then it moved on to strap on toys. It wasn't long before Brad caught himself watching gay porn and starting to fantasize about gay sex. That's when he decided to talk to his friend Asher and the pair decided that they would have their first gay experience together on camera so that they could make some money while making love!