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Lance Cole is this week's bait guy and he's been a fan of BaitBuddies for a while now. He loves straight men and loves the thought of hooking up with guys that keep their sexuality a secret. It's a total turn on for him and Latino guys are a plus! Lance is 23 with hazel eyes and brown hair and he's packing a thick dick as well!

John Carusso is this week's straight guy and he is the perfect fit for Lance! John is a sexy Latino man from Venezuela who has never done porn before but he loves sex and he's always horny. Plus, doing a porn is on his bucket list! John is 32, 5'11'', with brown hair, and brown eyes, but he also has a beautiful 7.5'' uncut cock and a huge set of balls!

When Caruso delivers the news that there isn't going to be a girl today and that the only way to make money is if both guys have sex with each other. John didn't seem to care and he quickly agreed. Just to be sure, Caruso explained again what the offer was...  John was still willing and ready to do it so that he could check it off his bucket list and doing it with a guy, didn't seem to matter to him!