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This week, we bring you a special edition of BaitBuddies.com called: The Evolution of Sexuality!

Both Chandler Scott and Julian Torres are back at the studio to have some fun and make some money! Both guys started out straight and then ended up going gay for pay! Now, both men have evolved and they're here to tell us as well as show us, everything that both guys are attracted to! And, their love for cock and natural hairy bodies has grown tremendously and they can't seem to get enough of either. So, Caruso decided to bring them back so that they could walk us through their personal evolutions.

The scene starts out with some questions and answers about who prefers hairy bodies to what turns each guy on. Then, Caruso steps back and lets Chandler and Julian give us an in depth presentation of smokin' hot - man and man sex!

Let us know what you think!