Bait: Mike Lobo
Straight: Lanz
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Do you remember Mike Lobo? The smooth and lean Latin stud with the cute bubble butt? Well, he's back at the studio and he's hoping he can put his cute bubble butt to work. He can't wait to get fucked by a straight hunk but this time he has a few requests for Caruso... Mike wants to get paired up with a big, beefy, and hairy man, who has a big cock and knows how to use it!

Lanz is this week's straight guy and he's everything Mike asked for and then some! Lanz is one sexy man with a big and beefy body that's covered in hair and he has a thick dick with a huge set of balls! What more could you ask for?

Next, Caruso instructs both guys to strip down, get hard, and he'll go check on the female talent. Lanz and Mike stroked their cocks and watched porn while they were waiting on Caruso to return with the girl. Unfortunately, the girl disappeared and without a girl, nobody is getting paid today... But, Caruso offered up another deal... If both guys will have sex with each other then he can double their pay! After a little back and forth talking, Lanz decided to give it a shot, as long as the straight porn continued playing in the background!