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Jake Morgan and Chandler Scott are both at the studio today and that's because Chandler begged Caruso to set up a scene with the two of them because nobody on BaitBuddies.com turns Chandler on like Jake! Chandler loves the fact that Jake is straight and married and that he's also willing to go gay for pay. And, he's not just willing to go gay for pay, but he actually enjoys it!

Caruso interviews both guys and asks them what they plan on doing today. Fuck and get fucked was basically their responses. Caruso couldn't argue with that so he tells Jake and Chandler to just have fun while he steps back and captures it all on video!

Within minutes both guys are making out but that doesn't last long. They seem to be more interested in each other's cock so they take turns swapping blowjobs. After giving each other head and getting their cocks good and hard, it's time to start the fucking!

First up is Chandler. Jakes pounds Chandler's ass good and hard before Chandler returns the favor. Only this time, Chandler fucks the cum out of Jake. Jake stays rock hard as Chandler starts thinking about how good it would feel to ride Jake's throbbing cock again! So, he climbs on top and continues to ride Jake's hard dick until he busts a nut of his own!