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Zach is back in another special edition of BaitBuddies.com! Zach hasn't been here in years so Caruso was surprised when he heard from him. He tells Caruso so that every time he visits Florida, he thinks of his first gay for pay experience at the studio and now that he is moving to the area, he could really use the extra money. Plus, he's single and ready to have fun. Zach also tells Caruso that he hasn't done anything with other guys since he was here but we know that he's not being 100% truthful...

Jack Andy is also back at the studio because there's nothing he loves more than a country guy. So, when Caruso booked Zach, he knew that Jack would be the perfect pairing for a scene!

Caruso tells both guys that he's just going to just step back and let Jack take the lead. Jack doesn't waste a second, and dives right in. Apparently, the pairing was a little too good because both guys busted a nut before calling it! But, we still get to see their hot loads!