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This week, Joe Parker and Angel Ventura are back at the studio in a special All Star edition of BaitBuddies.com! Joe has been doing porn for 10 years now and Angel has been only been doing porn for less than a year but both are great at what they do! And, both are extremely popular!

Caruso decided to pair Joe and Angel together because both have one thing that completely turns them on and that would be making out! Both guys say nothing gets them horny and hard like kissing does! Plus, the fact that Angel loves sucking cock and Joe loves getting his big cock sucked also helped seal the deal!

After a short interview, Caruso tells both guys that he's just going to step back and let them explore each other. They start off with some serious kissing before moving on to swapping blowjobs. And, after some cock sucking, Joe was ready to fuck Angel's beautiful bubble butt and Angel was ready for Joe to shove his big cock in. But, Joe decided to tease Angel a little so he shoved his tongue in first. Angel moaned and groaned as Joe's tongue circled his tight hole but it was Joe's big cock that Angel's ass was begging for... So, it was Joe's big cock that Angel's ass got