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Adrian Suarez is back and better than ever! Adrian has been hitting the gym like crazy and it's paying off! His chest, legs, and arms keep growing and if he gets lucky today, then his big uncut cock will also be growing!

Leo is this week's straight guy and he's come all the way from New Jersey. He's 34, hot and hung, and you'll notice his fat cock through his tight jeans! When Caruso had both guys strip down and show him what they're working with, Adrian's cock stood to attention but Leo needed a little more time. After all, jacking off next to another dude is new to him...

Caruso tells Adrian and Leo to watch the porn and keep their dicks hard while he goes to check on the girl that they'll be tag teaming today... But, after a little accident, she won't be showing up... Caruso breaks the bad news to Adrian and Leo but then he throws out another offer.. if both guys will have sex with each other then he can pay double the money. After peaking over at Adrian's cock several times, and taking a few minutes to decide, Leo agreed to give it a shot and Adrian was more than happy to guide him along!