Bait: Nick Milani
Straight: Macho
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Nick Milani is back at the studio to put his beautiful bubble butt to good use! It's big, it's rock hard, and even Nick himself gives it a 10 out of 10. He even tattooed his score on his right ass cheek!

Macho is this week's straight guy and if you like hairy men, then you're going to love him! Macho is hot and very horny and he tells Caruso that he's a big time ass man! And, he specifies that he likes them real. He likes to look at fake asses but he likes to feel and fuck the real thing!

After both guys are rock hard and ready to fuck, Caruso tells them that he's going to step out for a few minutes so that he can check on the female talent. But, he returns with bad news... the girl flaked out and now they won't be able to shoot a scene. Unless, both guys will have sex with each other. Macho stated that he hasn't even thought about fucking a guy before but he did come here to fuck, he's still horny, and Nick's ass is pretty hard to resist! So, he decided to go gay for pay and we're glad he did! He worshipped Nick's ass, stuck his tongue in it, and then he fucked the cum out of Nick. As for his money shot, it didn't happen... Macho got a little too excited and busted his nut in Nick's hot ass!