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One of our favorite bait guys is back at the studio to see if he can get laid by a straight guy and make some money in the process. Adrian is great at keeping the straight talent calm but what's more important is his ass! Once these straight guys see his big and beautiful bubble butt, they simply can't resist

This week's straight guy is Tristan! He's tall, with blond hair, blue eyes, and he has a body to die for! There's a good reason that Tristan is so ripped, and that's because he's a wrestler, MMA fighter, and he's also a cowboy! But, it doesn't end there.... Tristan is also packing a fat, rock hard, 9 inch cock! Nobody knows what it looked like soft because he was hard from the moment he whipped that monster out!

Caruso doesn't really need to put either guy to the test because they were both rock hard and ready to fuck from the time they arrived! So, he steps out to pretend to check on the female talent but returns with a story about how she injured herself body boarding and won't be able to perform... But, Caruso offers both guys double the money if they'll just have sex with each other instead. Tristan didn't seem very comfortable with the idea but his cock decided to make the decision for him so he agreed to give it a shot!