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Straight: Dacotah
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Welcome to another special edition of!

This week, we have two buddies that have been stuck together in quarantine and both of them could use some money.

Ryland and Dacotah go to college together and due to the recent circumstances, Dacotah started to lose money because his employer decided to temporarily close. Without additional income, he was going to have a hard time covering his bills so Ryland moved in to help him out. Ryland also does porn on the side and he's very open about his sexuality. Ryland likes having sex with girls and guys... Dacotah has always been a great supporter of his friend but he considers himself to be completely straight. But, Dacotah needs money and he just recently broke up with his girlfriend so Ryland knew he had to act fast! Ryland called up Caruso and they came up with a plan to video chat with Dacotah about doing porn. It was during that call that Caruso offered to pay both guys double the money if they would have sex with each other... it turned out to be an offer that Dacotah couldn't refuse!

Watch 6 foot 6 inch - Dacotah, shove his tongue in Ryland's ass before shoving his fat cock in his tight little hole!