Straight: Johnny
Straight: Dacotah
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Welcome to another special edition of!

This week, we welcome back Dacotah! Dacotah still considers himself straight but he does admit that sex with guys is also pretty awesome! He says it's because guys know what they want and they'll also do all the things that girls aren't willing to do. He's slowing crossing over and we're always here to lend a helping hand!

Dacotah contacted Caruso to see if he could shoot another scene with a buddy from college. They could really use the money while being out of work and they're also really horny! Dacotah told Caruso that he has a friend named Johnny and that Johnny stops short of calling himself bisexual. But, like Dacotah, he's also very close to crossing over and he too has messed around with other men in the past....

Caruso contacts both guys through a video chat and after a short interview with them, he tells them to get naked and have some fun. And, they did! These two must have been waiting for the right time to screw around with each other because once they get started, they don't stop! Even after they blow their loads, both guys continue to rub, kiss, and eat each other's jizz!