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Straight: Elliot
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Welcome to and we're finally back at the studio!

Johnny is back and this is his first time in the studio! Caruso and Johnny met virtually and now with new measures in place, Johnny can see firsthand what is all about!

After going gay for pay a couple of times, Johnny's sexuality has evolved. As a matter of fact, Johnny prefers guys of girls now! He tells Caruso that once he got over the whole stigma of it all, he realized that there was nothing wrong with having sex with another dude and that he actually liked it better than having sex with women. Now, Johnny has some making up to do, so he's here to trick another straight guy as well as make some cash to pay off his student debt.

Elliot is this week's straight guy and man is he hot! Elliot has smooth tanned skin, beautiful green eyes, and sexy face, and an amazing body! Of course, he has a killer ass and cock to complete the package!

After getting naked and proving that they can stay hard, Caruso steps out to check on the female talent. Unfortunately, he returns with bad news... no girl today but if both guys would be willing to have sex with each other then not only could they film the scene, Caruso would also pay them double the money. An offer that Elliot couldn't resist!