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We're in the studio again for this week's BaitBuddies.com!

Chandler Scott is back as this week's bait guy and he's really happy to be here! Chandler has been stuck at home so he's extremely horny! We love seeing this blue-eyed hunk in action and his sexy ass is craving some straight cock! To be specific, he's yearning for a really big dick!

Johnny is this week's straight guy and like the saying goes, big things come in small packages! Johnny is a hottie and this 24 year old is here to make some money and put his giant 9 inch cock to good use! That's right, he's packing a big and beautiful 9 incher! It's amazing that he doesn't tip over when he gets hard!

Caruso interviews both guys and Johnny is obviously nervous. During the interview, he answers Caruso's questions but he get confused when asked about having a 3 way... he thinks he's doing amateur porn so when Caruso asked him if he has ever had a 3-way before, he stops and asks Caruso if he's supposed to say yes or no... the moment of his confusion was a cute exchange so Caruso decided to leave it in to show everyone just how nervous Johnny was. But, that exchange was nothing compared to what was coming next... After both guys got their dicks rock hard and ready, Caruso broke the news that the girl won't be showing up... Johnny wasn't nervous about having a 3-way with a girl and a guy but this scenario seemed to be a bit too much. Until, the part about getting paid double the money finally clicked! After that, the nerves were gone and their balls were happily slapping together!