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Biguy40 (01/15/21)
Would love to see Matt in a threesome with his two trends. Now that would be a video


Welcome to another special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Matt Muck is back for this week's video and he's trying to get his buddy to go gay for pay. Matt's not just doing this for the money either... he's had his eye on one of the truck drivers who has been delivering goods to his farm. After watching Joe come and go for the last several weeks, Matt started up a conversation and decided to let him know what he's been doing for money during these crazy times. Joe was shocked but he didn't seem to freak out...

Joe is a hardworking man and he even refers to himself as Joe Hardworker. He's only 28 but he's all man! Joe is sexy, hairy, and he has a beautiful uncut cock! He hasn't even jacked off with another dude before but that's all about to change...

Before Matt and Joe got down to business, they did a video call with Caruso so that everyone could get to know them and their situation a little more. Both guys were already on board with what was about to happen but Joe let us in on a little secret.. he's married! But, that doesn't seem to bother him or Matt. Instead, they laughed it off.

Watch Joe and Matt get down and dirty as Joe goes gay for pay and fucks a dude in the ass for the very first time!