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This week, we welcome Johnny back to BaitBuddies.com!

Johnny was in our first scene back in the studio after the shutdown and we are excited to have him back! Johnny is tall, dark, and handsome, and he has a killer ass and cock to complete the package! Johnny says that he learned to love cock and now he can't get enough. Especially, during these strange times.

Daniel is this week's straight guy and at the age of 20, he tells Caruso that he's horny all the time! And, he doesn't discriminate. He says he loves all types of women and he switches his porn choices up regularly to keep things exciting. With his good looks and sexy body, Daniel will probably be doing more porn now than watching it! Of course, he'll have to pass Caruso's test first.

Caruso has both guys strip down, get hard, and stay hard while he steps out to check on the female talent. Both guys were rock hard within seconds of stripping down. And, they stayed hard even when Caruso came back and delivered the bad news that the girl wasn't showing up. With no girl, the only way both guys would be able to make any money would mean they'd have to have sex with each other. Daniel, with his laid back attitude, decided he would give it a try. And, he didn't disappoint!