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Straight: Bryce
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Welcome back to another special edition of!

Cody and Bryce have been friends since college and they both love to fuck! And, they even messed around with each other when they were in college but it only happened once. Cody is an open bisexual and Bryce considers himself to be straight but he's open to trying new things. Both guys are very comfortable with their sexuality so they figured that they'd give porn a shot and tag team a hot girl. However, Caruso had other plans for them...

Caruso tells both guys to strip down, get their cocks hard, keep them hard, and then he'll bring in the girl. After proving staying hard wasn't going to be an issue, Caruso tells them that he's going to step out to go get the girl. But, he returns with bad news. The girl won't be showing up today but since Cody and Bryce mentioned that they've jacked off with each other before, Caruso tells them that he will pay them double the money if they will go a bit further and fuck this time. Both guys took a second to think about it, shrugged it off, and quickly agreed!

Check out Cody and Bryce as they take turns fucking each other and take their friendship to a whole new level!