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Straight: Izzy
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Welcome back to!

This week, you'll recognize both straight guys because Adrian Rose and Izzy are back at the studio to continue their evolution of man sex! That's right! Both Adrian and Izzy contacted Caruso to see if they could star in another video. And, both guys were willing to go gay for pay. They just needed to make some extra money and they also confessed to enjoying their first experiences with guy on guy sex! Caruso knew that this was going to be an easy one.

Adrian and Izzy have never met before and they contacted Caruso separately to see if they could star in another scene. So, he decided to pair them together to see just how far they'd push their limits! Caruso skips the usual setup and basically lets both guys know that they'll be having sex with each other. Right from the start, Adrian made it clear that he still wasn't comfortable with ass play or getting fucked in the ass. But, Izzy was eager to give it a try! Hopefully soon, Adrian will losen up a little more so someone can enjoy that sexy and very hairy ass of his!