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Straight: Bryce
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Welcome back to!

Zain is back at the studio for this week's scene! It wasn't that longer ago that Caruso and Dexx convinced Zain to go gay for pay! Now, he's back, and he wants to see if he can work his magic on a straight dude and convince him to go gay for pay as well!

Bryce is this week's straight guy and he's one sexy hunk! This blond-haired, blue-eyed stud is only 27 and he still has a lot of learning to do. Or, should we say a lot of evolving to do? Bryce admits that he's pretty vanilla when it comes to sex and he hasn't even tried anal yet... he says he's not opposed to it but his girlfriend won't let him...

Before Caruso steps out to check on the girl, he tells Zain and Bryce to get hard and see if they can stay hard. Both guys pass with flying colors! But, Caruso has bad news for everyone... the girl can't make it today... Bryce wasn't happy and his cock started to show it. So, Caruso decided to make them another offer... if they'll have sex with each other then he will pay them double the original amount... Bryce needed the money and he was super horny so he couldn't resist Caruso's generous offer. He decided to go gay for pay just as long as he doesn't have to get fucked in the ass. Zain didn't have a problem taking one for the team and quickly offered up his glorious ass!