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Welcome back to!

Helloojose is back at the studio as he continues to sexually evolve! This will be the third time that he has graced us with his good looks, that sexy body, and his beautiful uncut cock! After going gay for pay during his first visit, Jose has sucked cock, kissed another man, and he even took it up the ass! But, now he's back for more! Since Jose loves to play with his ass these days, he started using toys to see just how big he could go. He tells Caruso that it's just not the same when you're doing it to yourself. So, he asked Caruso to find him a big dick man so he could check another item off of his sexual fantasy list... get fucked by a big straight cock!

Jax is that big straight cock and he's one hot man! Jax is tall, with a slim but ripped build, and his cock is massive! Caruso picked the perfect guy with the perfect cock! But, he still had to get Jax to agree to go gay for pay...

After a short interview, Caruso had both guys strip down, get naked, and get hard. If they can stay hard then Caruso can bring in the girl and start filming. Both guys pass the test but the girl won't be showing up today. Caruso apologizes but throws out another offer... if both guys will have sex with each other then he can continue with the scene and pay both guys double the money. Jax thought about it a minute and he thought about the money. Then, he tells Caruso, ''fuck it. Let's do it.''