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Welcome back to a special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Buck is this week's bait guy who identifies as bisexual. Buck is very comfortable with his sexuality and he has sex all the time! He tells Caruso that he absolutely loves everything about ass! Buck loves eating ass, fucking ass, and he really loves when someone plays with his ass!

Recently, Buck whipped his cock out and someone told him that he should try out for porn because he could be making a ton of money with his big thick dick! He could really use the money so he contacted Caruso and explained his situation. Caruso told Buck to email over a few photos and Caruso was very impressed with what he saw! So, he set up an audition to see if Buck would work out as a future bait guy, and to make sure he didn't flake out, Caruso told him that he would be fucking a girl today. Buck was thrilled!

After arriving at the studio and doing a short interview, it was time to see what the fuss was all about! Caruso told Buck to strip down and get hard. If he could prove that he could keep his boner going with another dude in the same room, then Caruso would bring in the girl and finish shooting the scene. Buck didn't have any problems getting that monster hard so Caruso told him to keep jacking while he steps out. But, he returned with bad news... no girl today but Caruso told Buck that he would love to have him back so that he could work his magic on getting a straight guy to go gay for pay. Or, if Buck could do something right now to impress viewers then he could do a solo today but he would really have to wow everyone. Buck says "I can suck my own dick!" Caruso doesn't hear that often and he just had to see it for himself! Enjoy!