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Welcome back to a special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Archie and Buck are back at the studio and even though Archie got to take a ride on a real cock, Buck still hasn't had the real thing. Buck has been pegged by girls, he stocked up on toys that go in his ass, and he absolutely loves how good it feels. But, he wants to feel a real throbbing cock thrusting in and out of his tight hole and he knew the right place to find it!

Archie hadn't seen Buck naked but Caruso informed Archie that Buck has a huge and beautiful cock! So, when Caruso told them to go at it while he records it all, both guys started kissing and instantly got hard. When Buck's cock came out, Archie couldn't believe what he was seeing and he just had to taste that glorious thing. He sucked Buck's giant knob for a while until Buck told Archie that he wants him to fuck him good and hard. Archie was more than happy to do it but not before attempting to sit on Buck's dick first! Archie moaned and groaned as Buck tried to fit it in and once it finally popped in, Archie started bouncing up and down on it. Buck couldn't resist Archie's boner so he sucked on it while Archie continued to ride him. Buck couldn't wait to get fucked any longer so Archie climbed off his thick stick and Buck got on his back, threw his legs in the air, and pulled Archie toward him. Archie's cock went right in and Buck started squirming. These two studs fucked like there would be no tomorrow! Archie even fucked Buck while Buck sucked his own cock! How many people can say that they've done something like that?