Height: 5`9``
Weight: 170
Hair: Shaved
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 8``
Cock Type: uncut



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Ratings: 31
Total Views: 13397

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Comments: 5

keithr197 (12/19/21)
Bring Alex back

Drdem00 (06/16/21)
somehow, i missed this one! Bring Alex Back! LOVE DRAKE too! OR Pair Alex with Rikk York. My god; ONLY Bareback? . Uh Oh, Alex's wife is gonna shit, if she sees this; YIKES! (Never tell if you 'butt-fuck' your wife) Another great one !

chas96321 (04/18/21)
Alex Torres is another favourite and such an enthusiastic kisser.

tony7737 (08/03/15)
Bring Alex back...His ass is awesome and should be filled with a tongue and hot cock... you've got a new resident stallion for sure:)

woodland2 (07/30/15)
Drake Jaden has just met his match with a beautiful butt that needed to be fucked. Alex butt and dick are outstanding. Please bring him back soon.



Release Date: 07/30/15
Bait: Drake Jaden
Straight: Alex