Height: 6`5``
Weight: 185
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 9``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 100
Ratings: 45
Total Views: 18899

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Comments: 13

bankseyofomaha (01/27/22)
When’s he coming back

bankseyofomaha (04/05/19)
Bring him back

bankseyofomaha (02/21/19)
Come backkkkkkkkk

lovefreedom541 (12/07/18)
This was another gold standard vid. So sad neither of these models have made it back to the screen.

Fisherman621 (11/05/18)
Hunter is very natural and handsome. Would love to see him one more time.

wzahner9 (08/07/18)
Pleasant, good looking fellow.

wzahner9 (08/07/18)
Pleasant, good looking fellow.

Morgen36 (11/08/15)
Yes bring him back.

marinara1 (11/12/14)
please bring Hunter back asap! great attitude hot guy! awesome big cock and great bubble butt! would be the perfect bait

ChiGuyB_60657 (11/10/14)
Bring him back OFTEN! WOW!

lance62348 (11/09/14)
love to see him bottom

trymarc12 (11/05/14)
nice guy with a very nice cock/ would enjoy seeing him again

homesteader (10/31/14)
A real cool type



Release Date: 10/30/14
Bait: Remi Mint
Straight: Hunter