Aaron Slate





Height: 6`
Weight: 140
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 6.5``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 119
Ratings: 44
Total Views: 20999

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Comments: 6

GiovanniTomazzi (02/14/21)
I could get lost in those eyes. Watching his scene with Rikk York, with his "chocolate eyes", gazing into each other's eyes while fucking was so hot!

angelee (01/16/15)
Hollywood is missing a star and Caruso found him. I thought I lost a boyfriend. Pair him the latest find.

Mexbttm619 (12/04/13)
Such a cutie. Love his body hair and eyes. Oh those eyes. Bring him back plz.

zembella (11/19/13)
so cute… very cute..and yes the eyes…come to Seattle Aaron and live with me

trymarc12 (11/14/13)
an unassummimg guy that seems to enjoy the sex/ great blue eyes- they seem to draw you into moment

orgrsl (08/27/13)
Great eyes; love the fur!



Release Date: 09/18/14
Bait: Aaron Slate
Straight: Connor


Release Date: 02/06/14
Bait: Aaron Slate
Straight: AJ Monroe


Release Date: 01/09/14
Bait: Aaron Slate
Straight: Austin Ryan


Release Date: 11/14/13
Bait: Aaron Slate
Straight: Rikk York


Release Date: 08/15/13
Bait: Aaron Slate
Straight: Brett Bradley