Height: 6`3``
Weight: 195
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 7''
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 20
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Comments: 6

downtown2424 (11/30/18)
What a sweet sexy guy!! Love his hairy chest and pink lips. Loved how he reached around during intercourse and played w/ Cesar's nipples. I hope he finds a buddy he can explore with. Yes, have him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fisherman621 (11/05/18)
My type of man. Very handsome and nice. Bring back Adin.

wzahner9 (05/26/18)
Worth seeing again!

bankseyofomaha (04/13/18)

slashl (04/13/18)
Adin is SUPER SEXY!! I loved how enthusiastic he was and such a hot body. Hope we can see more of this furry stud!

vincentld48 (04/12/18)
Ardin seems like a genuinely nice guy. He took to having sex with a man readily. Keep in touch with Ardin, have him back.



Release Date: 04/12/18
Bait: Cesar Rossi
Straight: Adin