Adrian Rose





Height: 5`6``
Weight: 145
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7``
Cock Type: uncut



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Ratings: 14
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Comments: 4

Fisherman621 (08/12/21)
Adrian is a fine looking young man. Love that he has his body hair. Bring him back for more if possible. Thanks!

betobeto3 (06/23/21)
More videos with Adrian Please

betobeto3 (06/20/21)
Beautiful...hairy wonderfull

wzahner9 (06/11/21)
Friendly, pleasant, really sexy guy. Love the body hair!



Release Date: 08/11/22
Bait: Adrian Rose
Straight: Darron


Release Date: 08/05/21
Straight: Adrian Rose
Straight: Izzy


Release Date: 06/10/21
Bait: Aiden Joseph
Straight: Adrian Rose