Aiden Joseph





Height: 5`7``
Weight: 150
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 8.5``
Cock Type: uncut



Favorites: 63
Ratings: 25
Total Views: 14074

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Comments: 5

Ransom (06/10/22)
I love his totally open, warm, funny, flirty personality. Great performer, sweet guy.

chas96321 (04/30/21)
Glad he is back and a great pairing with Justin.

wzahner9 (04/30/21)
Great look, great personality!

wzahner9 (08/26/18)
Very sexy man!

timtom08 (06/23/17)
HOT HOT HOT guy / nice to see a hairy man - love them



Release Date: 06/10/21
Bait: Aiden Joseph
Straight: Adrian Rose


Release Date: 04/29/21
Bait: Aiden Joseph
Straight: Justin Eros


Release Date: 06/22/17
Bait: Aiden Joseph
Straight: Marco Lorenzo