Andy Adler





Height: 5`10``
Weight: 160
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 8.5``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 10
Total Views: 7493

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Comments: 4

figgy1950 (06/17/23)
Andy is a keeper! He has such gusto when having sex.

wzahner9 (04/23/23)
A fun guy with a lot of potential.

figgy1950 (04/22/23)
Hot, hung, young man, Andy is versatile and erotic. Great chemistry between Andy and Brody. Versatile men are my fantasy!

Kenjo12345 (04/21/23)
You guys have to bring him back. Match him with another sexy young guy.



Release Date: 08/31/23
Bait: Seth Stark
Bait: Andy Adler


Release Date: 08/03/23
Bait: Andy Adler
Straight: Andy


Release Date: 07/06/23
Bait: Andy Adler
Straight: Sage


Release Date: 06/15/23
Bait: Andy Adler
Straight: Aaron Daniels


Release Date: 04/20/23
Bait: Brody
Bait: Andy Adler
Straight: Andy Adler