Angel Ventura





Height: 6`1``
Weight: 195
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7.5``
Cock Type: uncut



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Ratings: 26
Total Views: 18572

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Comments: 3

twohottexans (11/28/18)
Hot latin stud!

wzahner9 (11/24/18)
He was made for porn! Hot, hot, hot and genuinely passionate!

sofakingfly (11/23/18)
Sexy as FUCK!!! He and Jason started a Latin Bon Fire!!!



Release Date: 02/06/20
Bait: Angel Ventura
Straight: Mac Savage


Release Date: 12/05/19
Bait: Angel Ventura
Bait: Joe Parker


Release Date: 03/07/19
Bait: Angel Ventura
Bait: Lance Cole


Release Date: 01/24/19
Bait: Angel Ventura
Straight: Eddie Danger


Release Date: 12/27/18
Bait: Angel Ventura
Straight: Julian Torres


Release Date: 11/22/18
Bait: Jason Wolf
Straight: Angel Ventura