Brent Biscayne

Brent is a buddy of Brenn Wyson and the two of them love nothing more than going out together and finding girls to bang. Both in need of extra cash, Brenn brought Brent in the studio for a straight shoot. Brent is very tall at 6`6``, with a lean hairy muscular frame and impressive 8`` cock between his legs. When ``the girl did not show`` both guys were pissed off, but when we offered double the money they were willing to experiment a little for our cameras. Brent is one tall, good looking man!





Height: 6`6``
Weight: 190
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 8.5``
Cock Type: cut



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Comments: 4

Fisherman621 (01/04/21)
Brent is a sexy, good looking dude. They had good chemistry.

Icthys (05/18/20)
We need these two to come back so they can KISS and fuck.❤️🤩!!

rswguy1969 (12/09/12)
Brent is one "HOT" man. Love his sexy eyes, hairy chest and yummy cock. I would love to satisfy his needs.

rd0024 (03/05/11)
this guy is party pooper



Release Date: 05/06/10
Bait: Brenn Wyson
Straight: Brent Biscayne