Brian Bonds





Height: 5`11``
Weight: 180
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 8.5``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 92
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Comments: 16

alph128 (06/27/20)
He is perfect!

wzahner9 (06/10/18)
A real star... beautiful and talented!

houtbay (12/09/14)
He is so very cute and sexy! They way fucks is incredible.

GarySP (06/06/14)
Please please get Brian back again soon and with Wally if possible. I want to see how their friendship has developed......!

morgen (03/22/13)
He's not so str8 anymore and he's getting kinda girly...

trymarc12 (01/18/13)
glad to see he has returned still VERY HOT/ glad to have heard he has expanded his sexual experiences/

RexHuskey (01/18/13)
like'd him better toned down, less goofy and more on the "str8" side

Chgobbttm (12/02/12)
Bring that HOT Brian back; one of the best Fuck scenes!! He's Hot!!

geeyesgee (08/17/12)
Brian's a good looking guy and quite capable. I think it was nice of him to do this for his friend Wally. Special relationship, I'd say.

cnjgent (05/07/12)
I can't stop watching this video..Brian is a stud and he makes you want him..He has it all. He can be a porn superstar.

cnjgent (05/07/12)
Bring Brian & Wally back as best buds deepening their sexual bond. Keep these two together. More passionate kissing and physical contact please.

kerwes10 (03/10/12)
Hot and sexy! Please try to bring him back! How are Brian and Walley friendship? He's an incredible kisser, very passionate!

m1strywomyn (03/07/12)
VERY HANDSOME -- a bit brooding with that look, but there's mischief in his eyes! Makes me want to take the risk and not look back!

flyingbob (01/14/12)
Best video I've seen yet! Wally and Brian were incredible together and wow what a turn on and great fantasy!

billofvt (01/13/12)
Now Brian is very cute and he is straight but he seamed to like everything that was done to him and I am sure could be a nice one to bring someone else in to do it to them also, Bring him back also, Bill from Vermont

trymarc12 (01/13/12)
HOT HOT HOT/ would love to see him and hard fuck another



Release Date: 06/22/20


Release Date: 05/18/20


Release Date: 03/21/13
Bait: Brian Bonds
Straight: Jace Chambers


Release Date: 01/17/13
Bait: Brian Bonds
Straight: Dirk Willis


Release Date: 01/12/12
Bait: Wally Sailor
Straight: Brian Bonds