Height: 6`
Weight: 170
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Cock: 7``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 36
Ratings: 20
Total Views: 12264

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Comments: 3

wzahner9 (04/23/23)
Brody gets sexier and hotter with each appearance.

figgy1950 (04/22/23)
Brody never fails to deliver hot sex! He's versatile, which is even better! He has great chemistry with his partmers.

redman34 (04/20/23)
he is hot and very sexy great body



Release Date: 09/14/23
Bait: Brody
Straight: Zacc


Release Date: 06/29/23
Bait: Brody
Straight: Daniel


Release Date: 06/01/23
Bait: Jax
Bait: Brody


Release Date: 04/20/23
Bait: Brody
Bait: Andy Adler
Straight: Andy Adler


Release Date: 03/30/23
Bait: Brody
Bait: David Benjamin


Release Date: 10/27/22
Bait: Brody
Straight: River


Release Date: 09/15/22
Bait: Riley Mitchel
Straight: Brody