Bryce Star





Height: 5`9``
Weight: 160
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 9``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 126
Ratings: 50
Total Views: 16442

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Comments: 9

Drdem00 (10/06/20)
Bryce is special, would LOVE to see him and Larkin again together, You know bringing in an unsuspecting guy would be fine too ... Let's see him and Larkin again, Then the next time with an unsuspecting guy ... hot as hell 🔥🔥🔥

wzahner9 (10/04/18)
Wow! Very hot and a great personality!!! So Sexy@!

delboy1 (11/20/15)
I agree with Naruto sonic. Would love to see him again. Please get him back.

NarutoSonic (05/13/15)
he is fucking gorgeous and so hot

superm (07/28/12)
hope he returns

JPaulL1963 (03/17/12)
hope he returns

walterpeter605 (02/06/12)
super yum yum yummy! i hope you are working getting him back!!!

Jim4619 (12/26/11)
hot would love t see him return soon

trymarc12 (10/28/11)
HOT HOT HOT- hope he returns again soon



Release Date: 10/27/11
Bait: Larkin
Straight: Bryce Star