Height: 6`
Weight: 190
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Cock: 9``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 47
Total Views: 16680

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Comments: 17

suremanb (01/15/21)
I love you Cade, and shame on you guys for not posting my last comments about him. I didn't name any other Studios.

suremanb (01/12/21)
Cade Maddox hasn't made any more videos with BaitBuddies, but he has been busy filming for many other Studios. I have collected over 20 scenes with him in them.

HotItalian (09/04/20)
This man is pure perfection. We need more of him.

Dchaarman2019 (07/13/19)
I know Cade is a major porn star ⭐️ now but I would love to see him back on the Bait Buddies couch.

Dchaarman2019 (06/08/19)
Really great guy! Very generous to his scene partner; extremely sensual and sexual. A turn on with Bently! Would like to see more of Cade.

downtown2424 (11/30/18)
I can't say enough positive things about this man. He is sexy. He is sweet. He is manly. And he has an amazing body. And a voice I could listen to for hours. He is special.

kyeboy1966 (10/31/18)
This dude is unbelievably hot IN EVERY WAY. He is studly as fuck, and sexy as hell. His whole vibe throughout this whole video was just sexy and easy going. Seems like a GREAT person who happens to be sex on a stick. And that dick....WOW!!!

BILLITUS (10/21/18)
This is most probably the most sexy video I have seen on this site. Cade is a must and you should cherish this artist for years to come. An absolute natural and do your site justice and gives it class. ring him back soon or export him to South Africa !!!

mtpryor (10/18/18)
The scene with Bentley is the hottest one on this site. Cade has the most impressive dick I've seen on the site. More Cade. He is hot and really gets into the sex -- it is more like love making.

Jagrenon2 (10/12/18)
Hot bb fuck

Woolee (09/13/18)
Cafe is very sexy, nice thick...mmm

Timland64 (08/22/18)
More! More!!!

vincentld48 (08/20/18)
Please bring Cade back!!

ChicagoSly (07/21/18)

vincentld48 (07/20/18)
You're a hot man!! The fact that you initiating the kissing and didn't have to be cajoled into sucking dick makes you really hot!!

timtom08 (07/20/18)
Cade is a hot big dick man. Enjoyed his barebacked scene

Deacon (07/20/18)
To Cade , You mutha fuckin sexy ass BEAST!!!! Man you can fuck....the fact you love to kiss makes you even hotter🔥🔥🔥.



Release Date: 05/25/20


Release Date: 07/19/18
Bait: Bentley Michael
Straight: Cade