Cameron Kincade





Height: 5`10``
Weight: 145
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 6``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 266
Ratings: 81
Total Views: 50786

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Comments: 17

Admiral (05/07/21)
I am loving watching all of Cameron's videos!

Nwpanudemen (08/19/18)
Cameron definitely has more than 6 inches. Hot as can be.

manormaster (06/11/18)

trymarc12 (07/28/15)
always good to see Cameron- he is one sexy man

angelee (12/05/14)
He is a great time lover with so much passion. Love him.

robbthree (10/11/14)
Beautiful eyes and smile, beautiful body, beautiful man...

Simba0211 (11/21/13)
This man SO does it for me! Wonderful smile and sexy body! It's rare to see someone who actually looks like they are enjoying them self in porn. Please feature more of this beautiful man!

niner999 (10/22/13)
cameron, love to watch him and the smile is to die for as well as his whole body.bring him back asap, please. thanks.

darkness81 (09/12/13)
That smile is ridiculous! So handsome! One of my favorites. You GO Cameron!

trymarc12 (08/30/13)
Cameron definately is LOOKING HOT/ every time he is on -he gets better- hope he returns soon

bart1030 (08/30/13)
I love Cameron

LetsGetFrenzied (07/26/12)
What a sexy guy! Hope we see more of him.

geeyesgee (07/23/12)
Cute guy...soon to be "men only"...

hardonman (07/21/12)
He is one hot dude.....I hope he will be back soon taking a nice big cock in his ass.

Iamafarmerntx (07/20/12)
He's better now with a bit more maturity and he looks damn hot with cock in his ass.

trymarc12 (07/19/12)
found him to be HOT and charming/ hope he keeps coming back/ have to thank his girlfriend for sharing him

billofvt (11/25/11)
Very interesting and willing to try new things as his Girlfriend wants him to. I would like to see him more also. Bill from Vermont



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