Carter Michaels





Height: 6`2``
Weight: 177
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 31
Total Views: 15013

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Comments: 5

jtatlowjr (01/05/24)
He is f@@king hot I would love to spend a day with him get him back if you can

hwnknite (02/14/21)
Carter is the man. He is so hott! Lust at first sight.

vincentld48 (03/28/20)
Carter, you're a HOT man...extremely handsome and a fine fine body and a beautiful cock...go out and explore, you will be a hit in gay safe, doll!!

Fisherman621 (06/13/19)
Carter and Marco had a good time. Both are hot in my book!

kiko46 (02/20/18)
very nice



Release Date: 09/21/17
Bait: Marco Lorenzo
Straight: Carter Michaels