Christain Ramos

JACKPOT!!! That word really describes Christian Ramos, one of our hottest Straight victims. Our videographer initially saw his personal trainer ad in the local paper and hired him to assist with a new workout routine. We knew we could get this guy to do anything because he had nothing to be ashamed of and our videographer has no shame in asking any hot guy he sees ``Do ya wanna be in movies?``. This stud was just pure sex! Tall, dark hair, dark eyes, ripped body, sexy face, huge cock, and the list goes on. It turns out that Christian was all about showing everything off including his 9x5 uncut cock! At the end of his video he squirted a huge hot load across the room. And we mean squirted! You won`t believe how much spunk this Latin Adonis had in him!





Height: 6`1``
Weight: 195
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 9.5``
Cock Type: uncut



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Ratings: 5
Total Views: 5420

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UncleBaire (08/26/12)
I'd match him pound for pound, inch for inch. No more "gay", "straight" or "bi". Just sexual...



Release Date: 12/11/08
Straight: Christain Ramos