Damian Taylor





Height: 5`7``
Weight: 150
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7.5``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 139
Ratings: 38
Total Views: 21568

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Comments: 13

Drdem00 (11/10/21)
Truly a plus to Baitbuddies. Too long since we last saw this charming stud. Bring him back, when able and team him up with Rikk York; or perhaps Bentley M, or Julian ... Be seriously HOT!!

chafu213 (12/17/15)
Definitely one of the hottest guys on this site. After his first time with Gavin, I bet he comes back real soon.

Jakholf (04/16/14)
What great looking man

dray1101 (03/12/14)
Please bring Damien back

niner999 (11/26/13)
wish he could come back. enjoy his free spirit very much.

darkness81 (07/05/13)
Damian is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

rejean (05/01/13)
salu tu ai equipe pour aller a la gerre avec cette bit e la merci pour ta phauto bonne soire

blkhwk_36 (12/29/12)
damien and Parker plz

blkhwk_36 (12/25/12)
Mario Costa and Damian Taylor...can you make that work? Many people want to see Damain get fuckedddd by Mario. I know Damian would love it. His phone ass.

boba385 (12/25/12)
can watch him again & again, but now needs a really thick long cock up his ass!!!

lidor15 (12/16/12)
hi bb' i love u so much where r u from? talk with me :)

rfilomore (12/14/12)
I love your site. I would love to see more black guy's. It don't matter if it's black on black or interracial.

ejeffr1 (12/13/12)
simply beautiful



Release Date: 03/17/22
Bait: Damian Taylor
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Release Date: 06/18/20
Bait: Damian Taylor
Straight: Riley Mitchel


Release Date: 05/18/20


Release Date: 12/13/12
Straight: Damian Taylor
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Release Date: 11/08/12
Bait: Gavin Waters
Straight: Damian Taylor