Dirk Willis





Height: 5`10``
Weight: 190
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Hazel
Cock: 8``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 51
Total Views: 26385

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Comments: 14

Fisherman621 (02/17/19)
Looks good to me. Must be Angus beef.

wzahner9 (06/10/18)
A truly attractive man!

Pretzilbutt (07/04/15)
Bring him back plZ

darkeye (11/14/14)
the best love him

darkeye (11/14/14)
the best love him

houtbay (11/06/14)
Extremely yummy man!

animekid (01/05/14)
he needs to come back those glasses and hot hairy body makes me bone up the second i see his photo and video one of thee best straight boy to ever be on the site

jaidrake (10/15/13)
This guy is down right sexy. Bring both him and Brian back!!!

masculine1 (07/21/13)
this man is very sexy, and I love that hes from Bostan Mass. He appears to me to be VERY passionate. I couldn't keep my hands off myself while watchin him! Now I'm searchin everyway for him on video/film. :P

Fadingbluelights (03/29/13)
Get this hot hunk back! At all costs!

roisoleil2 (03/08/13)
marvellous man I want him under my hands, and not only, 3/4 hours :) i will be a good teacher for him ;)

Janexx (01/20/13)
Bardzo fajny koles

trymarc12 (01/18/13)
HOT dude but he has to relax and go with the flow/ would enjoy seeing him again

RexHuskey (01/18/13)
great body. But despite claims he loves to suck dick he doesnt do it well



Release Date: 06/22/20


Release Date: 05/18/20


Release Date: 01/17/13
Bait: Brian Bonds
Straight: Dirk Willis