Dylan Roberts

Dylan is a confident and somewhat cocky straight guy who was willing to explore sex with a man for our cameras. With a beefy toned body, gorgeous uncut cock, meaty ass and stunning blue eyes and dimples in his cheeks, Dylan is truly one stunning guy!





Height: 5`10``
Weight: 175
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 7.5``
Cock Type: uncut



Favorites: 40
Ratings: 20
Total Views: 6227

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Comments: 4

geeyesgee (09/14/12)
It's been more than a year. When is Dylan coming back? He's nice, he's smart, and he's VERY cute.

geeyesgee (08/13/12)
Dylan is adorable. Good experiment, but stick to women if you prefer. You discuss porn with your sister??? Yikes!

rd0024 (07/15/11)

Eugenio (06/13/11)
Nipples to die for!



Release Date: 09/02/10
Bait: Tony Douglas
Straight: Dylan Roberts