Eddie Danger





Height: 5`7``
Weight: 180
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7.5``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 30
Total Views: 11885

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Comments: 8

Drdem00 (03/24/21)
something intense about this guy ... and the Dick means "business", he really "gave it" to Angel. bring him back. maybe mix it up and pair him with "Nicholas Ryder"... that'd be hot

wzahner9 (08/08/20)
A really handsome guy with a fantastic smile. Sexy as hell!

Dchaarman2019 (06/14/19)
Loved these two together. Would like to see Eddie back.

Fisherman621 (05/09/19)
I really like Eddie's attitude about sex. Good humor and nice looking to boot!!

Jamesmc (02/24/19)
damn hes nice

kiko46 (02/01/19)
I Love this Guy

daxx58 (01/27/19)
I'd like to see more of this guy!

Lacuevaman (01/25/19)



Release Date: 08/06/20
Bait: Eddie Danger


Release Date: 01/24/19
Bait: Angel Ventura
Straight: Eddie Danger