Evan Mercy





Height: 5`7``
Weight: 145
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Cock: 7``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 73
Total Views: 35622

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Comments: 13

Skip72 (07/12/21)
Please bring Evan back to the room, he is so hot and fuck great

shootntoot (07/19/20)
I so love Evan and his friend Michael. Their explorations are so hot and I imagine identifiable to many of us. I love the fun they have while fumbling.

cke1599 (12/31/17)
I loved Evan. He and Michael were wonderful together. The best set of videos I've ever watched. Both so pour and innocent in this endeavor.

FLTrucker (01/05/17)
Damn he is hot. And in the words of his best buddy Michael, takes a cock like a champ! Wonder what the two of them are up to these days? Wish they'd come back for an encore.

Webmaster (08/20/13)
@john2345 I have to correct you. Evan & Michael came to FL from Kentucky looking for a job. Neither identified as gay-never had sex with each other before. After doing 4 videos for us, Michael did 1 more, Evan did a few more

john2345 (08/20/13)
God I am such a silly old guy.Almost thought he and Michael were real.Just saw him on it's all porn all and act.

john2345 (08/18/13)
Like him . But he and Michael were so great together. Hard to see him with Devan.

chickie31 (01/29/13)
after all his movies, I don't think he is straight anymore,, loves the dick chickie/ny

Dustin Carmello (10/25/12)
hey when r you going to fuck me with that big cock

m1strywomyn (03/07/12)
EVAN IS VERY GOOD-LOOKING! I'd give him the ride of his life anytime -- He and I could make quite a best-selling movie and also have great fun!

davidinprxxx (02/23/12)
Evan is a really incredible guy. I would consider myself very lucky to have somebody like him as my partner.

billofvt (01/27/12)
Evan is more interesting and I bet is more than willing to go much further. As I said on Michaels I would love to see these two take on two other straight guys to see how far they would be willing to go, Bill from Vermont

Jacknslope (01/26/12)
Hot- def wanna see them fuck next time.



Release Date: 04/26/12
Bait: Devin Adams
Straight: Evan Mercy


Release Date: 02/23/12
Straight: Michael Keys
Straight: Evan Mercy


Release Date: 02/16/12
Straight: Michael Keys
Straight: Evan Mercy


Release Date: 02/09/12
Straight: Michael Keys
Straight: Evan Mercy


Release Date: 01/26/12
Straight: Michael Keys
Straight: Evan Mercy