Height: 5`3``
Weight: 160
Hair: Shaved
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7.5``
Cock Type: uncut



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Ratings: 9
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Comments: 4

diesel3981 (02/25/23)
Please bring this beautiful man back.

Ransom (10/21/21)
What a passionate, romantic, HOT guy. Amazing - would love to see him be a bait guy. Love how he dove right into it. Love how much these two cared for each other.

wzahner9 (01/19/20)
Hot bod, sexy guy, has great potential. A man's man!

jman16165 (01/18/20)
He is sexy, I love a beefy latino. Hope to see him top one day in another video.



Release Date: 01/16/20
Bait: Juan Carlos
Straight: JD