Jace Chambers





Height: 6`2``
Weight: 191
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Cock: 9``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 186
Ratings: 60
Total Views: 39358

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Comments: 7

smt1724 (10/27/17)
I thought Jace was a bit flexible with his sexuality since he and Cesar (as mentioned by Caruso) still hook up... and not totally G4P

woodland2 (04/27/15)
Very hot Please bring him back!!!!!

Dasani2010 (12/05/14)
More of Jace please! SO HOT.

superm (06/14/14)
need to bring him back hot

Anonswim67 (05/17/14)
When can we get him back?

mdswvguy25526 (06/12/13)
He is hot! GOOD North Carolina TAR HILL boy. SEXY as FUCK!

trymarc12 (03/21/13)
hot stud/ hope you guys can make the money right and have him return for some more hot action



Release Date: 04/06/20
Bait: Dustin Steele


Release Date: 10/31/19
Bait: Jace Chambers
Straight: Ago


Release Date: 10/26/17
Bait: Jack Andy
Straight: Jace Chambers


Release Date: 10/13/16
Bait: Jace Chambers
Straight: Cesar Rossi


Release Date: 08/25/16
Straight: Dustin Steele
Straight: Jace Chambers


Release Date: 06/04/15
Bait: Jace Chambers
Straight: Damian Ximer


Release Date: 03/21/13
Bait: Brian Bonds
Straight: Jace Chambers