Jacob Durham





Height: 5`10``
Weight: 165
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 32
Total Views: 14347

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Comments: 9

wzahner9 (08/19/18)
Such a big change in 2 years! Hot to hotter.

dray1101 (11/29/13)
very sexy!

john2345 (07/29/13)
Just saw this a little late.Going through them all Jacob is SOOO hot Wish he would have thanked Brycen what a hot whole.To eat and fuck.Lucky boys.

hot4sexdude (03/15/12)
Jacob is a 10==hot.

julycock (10/02/11)
Jacob so needs to do a seen with Brent corrigian. that would be real hot

billofvt (07/09/11)
He was real good and I would love to see more of him also, Bill from Vermont

College111 (07/07/11)
Hot, Sexy and Absolutely Awesome! Can't wait to see Jacob again! Hopefully real soon.

trymarc12 (07/07/11)
HOT// hopefully we will see him again

rd0024 (07/07/11)
would love to see more of this guy



Release Date: 10/31/13
Bait: Jacob Durham
Straight: Chris Hewitt


Release Date: 07/07/11
Bait: Brycen Cox
Straight: Jacob Durham