Jay Armstrong

Jay Armstrong is one of our Bait guys, he`s a sexy muscle jock who`s always ready to get down and dirty. This buff guy is packing a body that is out of this world and one rock solid ass that needs a good pounding. Jay is hot from head to toe and works great as a bait for us because nobody suspects that he`s gay and if they did he wouldn`t have a problem defending himself. One hit from him and you`ll be running! Jay has always had an obsession with small guys that have giant cocks and we were pretty successful in fulfuilling his fantasy. If you keep up with current events (2010) you might have heard about Jay (under his real name) fighting against being thrown out of law school because they learned he was doing porn to pay for his tuition. Give the guy a break!





Height: 6`1``
Weight: 195
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Cock: 7.5``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 77
Ratings: 29
Total Views: 10849

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Comments: 4

Drdem00 (08/01/22)
Jay would be a good match with Nicholas I ... Be hot

darkeye (11/14/14)
luv the way he lick the cum

College111 (07/21/11)
Hot and sexy guy!

College111 (07/08/11)
Get this muscle jock back to do it to a small guy while in a standing position! WOW...that would for sure show off his great rock solid body!!



Release Date: 04/23/09
Bait: Jay Armstrong
Straight: Jason White


Release Date: 04/09/09
Bait: Jay Armstrong
Straight: Jesse James


Release Date: 03/20/08
Bait: Jay Armstrong
Straight: Gladiator