Jay Rizzing





Height: 6`1``
Weight: 180
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 11``
Cock Type: cut



Favorites: 201
Ratings: 72
Total Views: 25567

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Comments: 5

woodland2 (07/31/15)
Have Rex and Jay return but have jay bottom. They are so hot together.

farscape (11/30/13)
bring them both back for an encore and throw in kip johnson!

enquire (07/30/13)
Could be amazing to see him with Brett Bradley!!!

rswguy1969 (12/09/12)
Both of these dudes are "HOT" and could use both my holes any time any where.

2012countryboy (03/29/12)
That hot man needs to know what a rim job feels like



Release Date: 01/31/19
Bait: Javier Cruz
Straight: Jay Rizzing


Release Date: 12/29/11
Bait: Rex Wolfe
Straight: Jay Rizzing