Height: 5`11``
Weight: 155
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Cock: 8.5``
Cock Type: cut



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Ratings: 48
Total Views: 14884

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Comments: 11

moereese (10/27/18)
I love this man. He turned me on the first time that I saw him. So, sexy and cute. I could ravage him. He loves to kiss, mmmmmm!

vincentld48 (10/23/18)
hot man...have him and Kovii back...they make a hot passionate couple...there's natural heat there!!

wzahner9 (06/25/18)
A cut above the usual model!

kerwes1954 (07/25/16)
Bring Jimmy Back! This was a HOT scene. I loved all the kissing!

moereese (04/18/16)
If I could have anyone on this site, it would be Jimmy.

moereese (04/11/16)
I LOVE this boy! I could watch this (and have) nearly every day and not be turned on.

adamjames19921 (03/17/16)
get him back soon

bareride (01/13/16)
He is passionate, intense, and is a lovemaker of the first degree...get him back in the studio ASAP!

moereese (12/15/15)
Very romantic, I enjoyed his immersion into the love making. It turned me on!!!

dray1101 (12/11/15)
Very passionate! Please keep him around

jtbait1009 (12/10/15)
very hot and total turn-on with the kissing while fucking doggy style then while facing Scott



Release Date: 05/25/20


Release Date: 10/18/18
Bait: Jimmie
Straight: Kovii Suarez


Release Date: 12/10/15
Bait: Scott Riley
Straight: Jimmie